Guest Star: Chloe Csengery

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  • The Day Alex Left for College

    The Day Alex Left for College
    Season 7, Episode 2 - Aired September 30 2015

    Phil and Claire are feeling a little snubbed by their kids when Alex intentionally gives them the wrong college move in date to avoid making it a big deal, and Luke seems less than eager to spend the day with Phil at his open house and would rather go hang out with some guys from school. Elsewhere, the rest of the family concoct an elaborate story to get out of going to Lily's soccer game which only adds to the stress Mitch and Cam are feeling now that they've added landlords to their resume after deciding to rent out the top unit for temporary stays.

    Appeared as Maisie

  • The Storm

    The Storm
    Season 7, Episode 14 - Aired February 24 2016

    A huge thunder storm brings wide power outages and the whole family congregates at Jay and Gloria's to use their generator, but Jay has one foot out the door desperately trying to make it to a reunion with some old Navy buddies. Meanwhile, Phil tries to be the hero and redeem himself after a very embarrassing public panic attack earlier, but only causes more headaches for everyone. Mitch and Cam grasp at straws trying to salvage Lily's birthday party where the most popular girl at school is in attendance, and Haley turns up the seduction efforts with Andy.

    Appeared as Maisie

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