She Crazy Season 7, Episode 4 - Aired October 14, 2015

She Crazy

Phil is all in on project hatch-the-duck-eggs, even building a whole habitat for them - no one else is as enthused about this project and Lily is the only one suckered into helping him. Claire, meanwhile, is nervous about pitching her new closet ideas to Jay and his creative team, and for good reason it seems. And, Gloria and Manny help each other out with their respective "crushes," while Cameron develops an unhealthy attachment to the frat guys renting their upstairs unit.

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Guest Stars: Reid Ewing as Dylan, Damien Diaz as Seth, Christian Gehring as Jace, Kegn Matungulu as TJ, Phillip Fallon as Munch, Lucila Solá as Mariela Morales, Ramon Hilario as Old Man, Carlos Torres as Pepito, Joe Mande as Ben, Kasey Mahaffy as Dom, Barrett Carnahan as Rival Frat Guy, Donald Sage Mackay as George, Andre Gordon as Dad, Ogy Durham as Mom, Alec Maney Wilson as Dennis, Nathan Ray Clark as Joshua, John Jackson Jr. as Son, Gracie Marie Bradley as Daughter

Writers: Elaine Ko

Director: Gail Mancuso

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