American Skyper Season 6, Episode 24 - Aired May 20, 2015

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The whole family is at Jay & Gloria's for Alex's graduation party, except for Phil, who ingeniously figured out a way to be there via skype and a robotic vessel after being unexpectedly detained in Seattle on a business trip. During the celebration, Jay frets about Gloria's cousin who has overstayed his welcome, Claire stresses out about giving Alex the perfect gift, Mitch hides news of being laid off from Cam and Andy's girlfriend, Beth, is in town stirring up a whole lot tension with Haley which finally leads to a realization that may have come too late.

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Guest Stars: Adam DeVine as Andy, Horatio Sanz as Armando, Laura Ashley Samuels as Beth, Lou Beatty Jr. as Spencer

Writers: Elaine Ko

Director: Steven Levitan

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ABC Announces Sixth Season Finale May 4 2015

ABC has issued the press release for the sixth season finale of Modern Family, "American Skyper", which airs Wednesday, May 20. Horatio Sanz (Saturday Night Live) guest stars, while Adam DeVine reprises his role as Andy.  Full story