Summer Lovin' Season 7, Episode 1 - Aired September 23, 2015

Summer Lovin'

Haley's attempt to stop Andy from proposing to Beth will end up with both Haley and Andy needing to cope with their emotions and both will have their own special ways of doing so, and Phil and Claire seem to only make matters worse. Jay and Gloria look at pre-schools for Joe and get a rude awakening after they realize the competitive wait list to get in. Meanwhile, Cam tries to remain supportive of Mitch's midlife career crisis, but money is getting a little tight, so Cam comes up with a scheme to get Mitch's old job back.

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Guest Stars: Adam DeVine as Andy, Laura Ashley Samuels as Beth, Suraj Partha as Sunjay, Reid Ewing as Dylan, Susan Egan as Miss Ford, Justin Kirk as Charlie Bingham, Mikey Madison as Becca, Vicki Lewis as Erica, Mai Brunelle as Kid

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ABC Announces Episode 7.01 September 10 2015

ABC has announced the seventh season premiere of Modern Family. Adam DeVine (Pitch Perfect) reprises his role as Andy, while Justin Kirk (Weeds) guest stars as Charlie Bingham.  Full story