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8.17 - Pig Moon Rising Aired March 15, 2017

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During a quick workout session in the garage, Mitchell accidentally knocks over an urn filled with the ashes of Cam's beloved pet pig Lilly. He quickly attempts to cover up his blunder and devises an appropriate cover-up. Hoping to catch Mitchell in his lie, Cam makes up a tall tale to trap him, but his own lie soon becomes a little too big to manage.

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Guest Stars: Jamie Moyer as Mrs. Pasternak

Written by: Paul Corrigan, Brad Walsh

Directed by: Chris Koch

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Michael  United States, 19:40 Mar 11 2017.
keep up making more episod, love your show
Patricia Irvine United States, 12:04 Mar 11 2017.
Love the show but sometimes the actors speak so fast I have trouble understanding them and I have to play it back..is this on purpose or am i just a little slow ?

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