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Modern Family: Season 6 DVD

The sixth season of Modern Family is coming soon to DVD. Enjoy all twenty-four episodes from the latest season all over again with new bonus features.

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Modern Family's seventh season has now completed its run on ABC.

Modern Family will be returning for its eighth season this fall on ABC.

Previous Episode: 'Double Click'.

ABC announces fall line-up May 18 2016

ABC announces fall line-up

ABC unveiled its 2016/17 fall line-up yesterday at its Upfront presentation in New York City. The network plans to launch an extended two-hour comedy block on Tuesday to augment its two-hour Wednesday night line-up and hour-long block on Fridays.

Modern Family will remain the cornerstone of the Wednesday night comedy block at 9/8c. The Goldbergs moves to 8/7c, replacing The Middle which is heading to the same slot on Tuesday nights. The new sitcom Speechless airs at 8:30 on Wednesday, before Modern Family. black-ish holds onto the 9:30 slot before the new drama Designated Survivor at 10/9c.

On Tuesday nights, The Middle at 8/7c is followed by new sitcom American Housewife at 8:30, Fresh off the Boat at 9/8c and The Real O'Neals at 9:30. Marvel's Agents of Shields wraps up the night at 10/9c.

ABC's Friday night comedy line-up of Last Man Standing at 8/7c and Dr. Ken at 8:30 is unchanged.

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ABC Announces Episode 7.22 May 4 2016

ABC Announces Episode 7.22

ABC has announced the seventh season finale of Modern Family, "Double Click", which airs Wednesday, May 18. Adam DeVine reprises his role as Andy.

Double Click – Claire can’t seem to find the right time to fire one of her employees, while, back at home, Phil thinks he caught Luke with a girl in his bed, and no one seems to notice that Alex has moved back home for the summer. Jay refuses to accept that it might be harder to reenter the workforce than he thought, and Cameron and Mitch butt heads on how to share time with Lily now that Cameron took a summer job in Kansas City, in the season finale of “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, MAY 18 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

Modern Family has already been renewed for an eighth season by ABC and will be returning in the fall.

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Episode 7.21 Press Release April 26 2016

Episode 7.21 Press Release

ABC has released the synopsis for the May 11 episode of Modern Family, "Crazy Train". Shelley Long (Cheers) reprises her role as Dede, Jay's ex-wife, while Simon Templeman (The Neighbors) guest stars.

“Crazy Train” – Dede is getting remarried, and Manny convinces the family to take the train up to the wedding. Jay could not be more ecstatic that Dede has moved on for good but his overenthusiasm might come back and bite him later. Claire and Mitchell work on their toast while Phil and Cam geek out over their favorite author, who is also on the train. Luke and Manny go a little girl crazy; Gloria gets stuck in coach; and Alex gets caught up in the romance of the train herself, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, MAY 11 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network.

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ABC Announces Episode 7.20 April 19 2016

ABC Announces Episode 7.20

ABC has released the synopsis for the May 4 episode of Modern Family, "Promposal".

“Promposal” – With Closet-Con right around the corner, Claire is on high alert and convinced there is a mole in the company. Meanwhile, Phil goes vigilante when he and Gloria confront Auntie Alice for stealing her hot sauce recipe. Jay tries to teach Joe how to do some manly handy work, and with prom coming up, Mitch helps Luke with his “promposal” while Cam helps with Manny’s, but Cam goes a little overboard, revealing that there maybe something deeper going on, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, MAY 4 (9:00–9:31 p.m. EDT), on the ABC Television Network

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ABC Announces Episode 7.19 March 29 2016

ABC Announces Episode 7.19

ABC has announced the April 13 episode of Modern Family, "Man Shouldn't Lie". Adam Arkin (Chicago Hope) guest stars in the episode.

Man Shouldn't Lie – Claire brings home a stray dog and gets the kids to help her hide it from Phil while she tries to find its owner. Unfortunately, her evasive behavior only makes Phil try even harder to shower her with more attention. Elsewhere, Gloria invites a new couple over even after Jay has made it clear he doesn't want to make any new friends, but when the husband turns out to be a real guy’s guy, Jay might be eating crow. And Cameron rents out their upstairs apartment to a Christian rock band, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 13 (9:00–9:31 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network

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ABC Announces Episode 7.18 March 22 2016

ABC Announces Episode 7.18

ABC has issued the press release for the April 6 episode of Modern Family, "The Party".

“The Party” – Manny and Luke are in charge of babysitting Lily so that the adults can enjoy a day to themselves. Claire and Gloria have a lovely trip to the spa planned; Phil and Mitch nerd out at the movies; and Jay and Cam go to a sports bar to watch the big fight. Things start going awry though when the fire alarm goes off back at the house, and Claire is convinced the boys are secretly throwing a party, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

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ABC Announces Episode 7.17 March 21 2016

ABC Announces Episode 7.17

ABC has released the synopsis for the next episode of Modern Family, "Express Yourself". Dana Powell guest stars as Cameron's sister Pam, while Adam DeVine reprises his role as Andy in the episode.

“Express Yourself” – Phil has the crazy idea of going on a spontaneous trip to Paris with Claire; the only problem is that they are both so ridiculously tired but try to push through it. Meanwhile, Jay has taken over their bathroom remodel, which proves to be pretty hazardous for Gloria, Manny and Joe. Cameron’s sister Pam is staying at the house after her husband has left her, but her emotional outbursts are driving Mitchell crazy, and he’s afraid it’s setting a bad example for Lily. And Haley and Andy go on a wild night bender, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, March 23 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

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ABC renews Modern Family for eighth season March 4 2016

ABC renews Modern Family for eighth season

ABC yesterday renewed Modern Family for an eighth season as the network announced early renewals for a number of its shows.

Modern Family joins ABC sitcoms The Middle, The Goldbergs, black-ish and Fresh off the Boat in receiving early renewals.

In recent years ABC had avoided offering early renewals to even its most popular shows. Following management changes at ABC Entertainment, the network not only broke with tradition by announcing early renewals but managed to leap frog other networks.

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ABC Announces Episode 7.16 March 1 2016

ABC Announces Episode 7.16

ABC has issued the press release for the next episode of Modern Family, "The Cover-Up", which airs Wednesday, March 16.

“The Cover-Up” – Phil has a new client who happens to be “his type,” and knowing that might get him in trouble with Claire, he tells some seemingly innocent lies, which then lead to more, and soon enough he’s in a full spiral. Meanwhile, Gloria suspects her yoga instructor has the hots for her and asks Claire to come with her to class, but the instructor ends up giving Claire a lot of inappropriate attention, and she likes it. Now that Jay is retired, he is filling up his time making a web show but becomes obsessed with tracking down a hateful troll who is leaving horrible comments. And Mitch and Cam try to teach a skittish Lily how to ride a bike by leading by example, but easier said than done, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, March 16 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EDT) on the ABC Television Network.

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ABC Announces Episode 7.15 February 24 2016

ABC Announces Episode 7.15

ABC has issued the press release for the next episode of Modern Family, "I Don't Know How She Does It". Nathan Lane reprises his role as Pepper in the episode.

“I Don’t Know How She Does It” – Claire has somehow turned into super mom, running Jay’s closet business and yet still has time for all the duties at home. The kids could not be happier, but Phil could not be more frustrated. Unbeknownst to him, Claire has a secret weapon called a personal assistant. Meanwhile, Joe is going through a fussy phase, and Jay and Gloria are beyond sleep deprived, so they both cut some corners that they know the other would not like and go to great lengths not to get caught. And Mitch and Cam are treated like second-class guests at their friends’ wedding, which Pepper has organized, and they spend the whole time figuring why and who they offended, on “Modern Family,” WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EST) on the ABC Television Network.

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