Valentine's Day episodes

Valentine's Day episodes

A list of Valentine's Day episodes of Modern Family featuring Phil and Claire's alter-egos, Clive Bixby and Juliana.

6 episodes
  • My Funky Valentine

    My Funky Valentine
    Season 1, Episode 15 - Aired February 10 2010

    Claire and Phil plan a special trip to celebrate Valentine's Day, while Jay decides to take Gloria to a comedy show. Meanwhile, Cameron and Mitchell try to play cupid for Manny.

  • Bixby's Back

    Bixby's Back
    Season 2, Episode 14 - Aired February 9 2011

    It's Valentine's Day again and Clive Bixby is back! Jay tries to surprise Gloria with a romantic dinner. Meanwhile, Mitchell's assistant has a crush on him and it's causing trouble between Cameron and Mitchell.

  • Modern Family

    Heart Broken
    Season 4, Episode 15 - Aired February 13 2013

    A fun Valentine's Day romp between Phil and Claire's alter egos, Clive Bixby and Juliana, takes an unexpected turn that lands Claire in the hospital and with a diagnosis that she doesn't take lying down. Meanwhile, Gloria and Jay's attempts to be romantic keep getting interrupted by the kids, which drives Gloria crazy, and Cam and Mitch host a wild Valentine's Day Lonely Hearts Party that leaves them hung over the next morning, trying to piece together what happened and, more importantly, why Dylan is now living with them.

  • Modern Family

    Valentine's Day 4: Twisted Sister
    Season 6, Episode 14 - Aired February 11 2015

    Valentine's Day is here again which means "Juliana" and "Clive" are back, however, things get worrisome when Claire starts sensing Phil may be more into Juliana than her! Elsewhere, Jay goes from feeling disappointed to scared when Gloria's visiting sister, Sonia, becomes a larger deterrence for a romantic evening with Gloria than he thought. And, Mitchell and Cameron get themselves in a very precarious situation with their good friend Anders.

  • Modern Family

    Do You Believe In Magic
    Season 8, Episode 12 - Aired February 8 2017

    Fearful that the romance between him and Claire is fizzling, Phil calls upon his altar ego, Clive Bixby, get Valentines day back on track. Meanwhile, much to Gloria's chagrin, Jay shows a bit of child favoritism when he and Gloria must deal with Joe's inappropriate Valentine gift-giving and Manny's dating indecisiveness. When Cam and Mitch try to empower Lily, Haley and Sal to stand up to the men in their lives, things don't turn out as planned and go overboard. Finally, Alex discovers she has a secret admirer who may be a little too involved with family.

  • Paris

    Season 11, Episode 13 - Aired February 12 2020

    In one last family trip, the Pritchetts head to Paris so Jay can accept a lifetime achievement award for his work in the closet industry. However, his old nemesis, Earl Chambers, finds a way to haunt him. Meanwhile, Claire has a secret rendezvous in one of the most romantic cities in the world, and Cam’s lifelong dream of performing as Fizbo on the streets of Paris is about to become a reality.