Guest Star: Josh Gad

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  • Punkin Chunkin

    Punkin Chunkin
    Season 3, Episode 9 - Aired November 23 2011

    When an old neighborhood kid returns to town as a hugely successful internet billionaire, it gets Phil thinking of what could have been. Jay feels Manny could use a little dose of constructive criticism, and Cameron is offended when Mitchell questions the authenticity of his colorful childhood stories. It all comes to a head at Thanksgiving with the family divided between the "Dreamers" and the "Pritchetts" -- and nothing settles the score like a punkin chunkin challenge.

    Appeared as Kenneth

  • Dead on A Rival

    Dead on A Rival
    Season 11, Episode 13 - Aired January 22 2020

    Mitchell learns a valuable life lesson when Murray (Paul Dooley), a former resident of the house, shows up unexpectedly. Meanwhile, the Dunphy’s old neighbor-turned-tech-titan, Kenneth (Josh Gad), comes to visit with a big surprise for Phil. Then, Manny’s dad, Javier (Benjamin Bratt), shows up with a big opportunity for his son.

    Appeared as Kenneth

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