Guest Star: Jaime Moyer

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  • We Need to Talk About Lily

    We Need to Talk About Lily
    Season 10, Episode 14 - Aired January 30 2019

    Phil may have conquered his biggest real estate challenge when he thinks he found Pepper his dream home. Meanwhile, in an attempt to connect with Lily, Mitch and Cam get invited to an exclusive event for her favorite vlogger.

    Appeared as Mrs. Pasternak

  • SuperShowerBabyBowl

    Season 10, Episode 15 - Aired February 20 2019

    Jay is hosting a Super Bowl party, and Claire is hosting a baby shower for Haley; both at Jay's house. What could go wrong?

    Appeared as Mrs. Pasternak

  • A Game of Chicken

    A Game of Chicken
    Season 11, Episode 6 - Aired November 6 2019

    Gloria is using her alone time with the twins as an opportunity to secretly baptize them before Haley and Dylan get home. Meanwhile, Claire is still dealing with the fallout from the smart closet fiasco, and Cam is at war with his school’s mascot who is threatening his chance at securing a new college coaching job.

    Appeared as Mrs. Pasternak

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