Finding Fizbo Season 8, Episode 15 - Aired March 1, 2017

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Cam is enraged when he receives an online video showing someone has been desecrating his beloved Fizbo costume, which sets him on a quest to restore Fizbo's good name. Meanwhile, Phil is in for quite the surprise when he finally meets his new soon-to-be step-brother at Frank's bachelor party. Finally, Manny's newest play hits a little too close to home for Gloria, Claire and Haley when he enlists them to do a read through before he submits it to a young playwright festival.

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Guest Stars: Fred Willard as Frank Dunphy, Will Sasso as Senor Kaplan, Oliver Platt as Martin, Joe Mande as Ben, Dot-Marie Jones as Louise, Chris Prinzo as Sam

Writers: Abraham Higginbotham, Chuck Tatham

Director: James Bagdonas

News Stories

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ABC Announces Episode 8.15 February 14 2017

ABC has released the synopsis for the March 1 episode of Modern Family, "Finding Fizbo". Fred Willard reprises his role as Frank Dunphy in the episode, while Will Sasso returns as Senor Kaplan.  Full story