Snow Ball Season 8, Episode 9 - Aired December 14, 2016

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When Manny and Luke put on the school's lavish winter dance and end up over their heads due to a texting error, it is up to them to fix it before the end of the night. Meanwhile, Gloria, Claire, Mitchell and Cam all volunteer at the dance while Jay's thinly veiled guise to get out of it by pretending to want to spend time with Phil backfires. During the dance, Claire and Gloria attempt to set up Marjorie, an overbearing mom, with the school's principal. Finally, Mitchell is unnerved to be back in high school and is shocked to see a lot of himself in the school bully and feels he needs a little guidance.

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Guest Stars: Andrew Daly as Principal Brown, Vanessa Bayer as Marjorie

Writers: Stephen Lloyd, Christy Stratton

Director: Beth McCarthy Miller

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