Three Turkeys Season 6, Episode 8 - Aired November 19, 2014

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Phil is cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year with Luke as his sous chef, and Claire has no confidence in them and prepares a secret turkey of her own as backup. Meanwhile, Jay and Gloria had plans to spend the holiday away but when the trip gets canceled last minute, they decide not to tell anyone which quickly becomes the worst idea ever since the family dinner gets suddenly moved to their house and it turns into a mad scramble to cover their tracks. And, Mitch is tired of always being the bad cop so when Lily refuses to wear a nice dress to dinner he forces Cameron to deal with it who then comes up with a very unconventional approach.

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Writers: Jeffrey Richman

Director: Beth McCarthy Miller

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ABC has issued the press release for this year's Thanksgiving episode of Modern Family. The episode, "Three Turkeys", will air Wednesday, November 19.  Full story