Guest Star: Eileen Fogarty

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  • Modern Family

    Season 8, Episode 13 - Do It Yourself
    Aired February 15 2017

    Feeling empowered after his successful do-it-yourself  project, Phil convinces Jay to co-invest in a property he has always wanted to develop. Meanwhile, Claire's new obsession with a TV chef and her new love of cooking Sunday dinners hasn't been as tasty as she thinks. Haley is the family’s only hope to add a little spice to the situation. At the Pritchett-Tucker house, Cam and Mitchell see that the family is too reliant on technology, so they attempt to teach Lily the importance of hard work, which ends disastrously. Back at the Pritchetts, Jay feels replaced when he sees Gloria has hired Coach Gary (Payton Manning) to coach Joe and serve as a handy man.

    Appeared as Susie

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