Fight or Flight Season 6, Episode 15 - Aired February 18, 2015

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After a long reunion weekend with Phil’s old cheer buddies, Claire jumps at the chance to snag the only first class seat left on the return flight home leaving Phil in coach and both have completely opposite experiences. Meanwhile, Gloria forces Jay to teach Manny how to defend himself against a bully in his cooking class, but when things backfire it seems that the real bully might be someone else. Mitch, Cameron, Pepper and the whole gang throw Sal a belated baby shower and they are all blown away by how motherhood has changed her, or has it really?

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Guest Stars: Nathan Lane as Pepper Saltzman, Elizabeth Banks as Sal, Penn Jillette as Edward LeGrand, Christian Barillas as Ronaldo, Kevin Daniels as Longines, Natasha Leggero as Dana, Matthew Risch as Jotham, Kevin Cahoon as John-John, Jason Notts as Big Guy aka Passenger, Lauren Robertson as Jillian, Garrett Boyd as Gideon, Mandy Levin as Gate Attendant, Monica Young as Flight Attendant

Writers: Abraham Higginbotham

Director: Steven Levitan

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ABC Announces Episode 6.15 February 2 2015

ABC has announced the February 18 episode of Modern Family, "Fight or Flight". Nathan Lane and Elizabeth Banks reprise their roles as Pepper Saltzman and Sal, respectively. Magician Penn Jillette guest stars in the episode.  Full story