Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Conan

Jesse Tyler Ferguson on Conan

Jesse Tyler Ferguson was a guest on Conan last night. Check out the two videos below of him discussing his trip to the Breaking Bad set and a nip slip involving Sofia Vergara.

Posted on 17 December 2013 18:31 in Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

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nahara United States, 07:32 Feb 13 2014.
woww this stuff is realy good. sophie is my fave
United States, 09:36 Jan 8 2014.
I wish there were more diversity on the show. is it possible to have an african family as distant cousins along with asian as an extended family. there are african comedians i.e tracy 3d rock, wendy williams, malcom warner etc and other women who can fit the bill. i love the show with the comedic timing and themes. i love the earlier bernie mac dialogue with family explanations.

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