Which character would you want to be friends with?

  • Jay
  • Gloria
  • Claire
  • Phil
  • Mitchell
  • Cameron
  • Haley
  • Alex
  • Luke
  • Manny
  • Jay (139 votes /3.2%)
  • Gloria (621 votes /14.1%)
  • Claire (137 votes /3.1%)
  • Phil (945 votes /21.5%)
  • Mitchell (136 votes /3.1%)
  • Cameron (477 votes /10.9%)
  • Haley (689 votes /15.7%)
  • Alex (773 votes /17.6%)
  • Luke (321 votes /7.3%)
  • Manny (153 votes /3.5%)
  • 4,391 votes

Latest Votes

Vote Location Time
Mitchell NL Haarlem, NL 13:29 Oct 14 2017
Gloria NO Oslo, NO 13:42 Oct 11 2017
Cameron CA Vancouver, CA 14:16 Oct 9 2017
Cameron AU Thornlands, AU 08:14 Oct 6 2017
Phil FR Solliès-pont, FR 13:37 Oct 5 2017

Comments (19)

maddie United States, 13:30 May 2 2015.
Phil is car car so Phil.
United States, 19:21 Dec 26 2014.
I would love to be freinds with alex
daisy United Kingdom, 15:12 Jul 27 2014.
Phil his ideas are interesting
Natalie Australia, 10:04 Jul 14 2014.
I love the show so much!!!! My favourites are everyone but most of all Phil I love jokes I tell them all the time Phil is so Calm and he can easily keep a secret and he Also doesn't bore people with his problems love it But I also like Claire she is also like me because she never gets dressed upped for an occasion unlik Gloria u gets dressed up everyday for no reason not a fan I also love lily for additude love her Alex read too much Haley keep the good looks coming In and manny become a boy like Luke and Luke live your ideas so much jay stay the same Mitchell will have to live with it Cam and Mitch stay the same
Yvonne United States, 21:41 May 31 2014.
I would love to go shopping and have lunch with Gloria. We would have so much fun.
john United States, 01:23 Apr 2 2014.
Gloria for sure!!!
Satya  United States, 22:28 Mar 8 2014.
Jay seems like such a genuine man. What a man to marry! I will kill you Gloria! Gloria is such a hoot. Manny seems so mature nd fun. Mitch is a serious worker. Cam is such a diva just like me. Lily is Asian. Phil is a dweeb lol like me. I will nursery Clare for her bounty. Alex reads lots. Haley shop shop. Luke funny. Good night
Emily  United States, 22:39 Feb 22 2014.
I am like Alex it's do weird
Emily Australia, 01:20 Jan 29 2014.
I'm like Luke I am full of crazy ideas!
halie  United States, 23:15 Dec 14 2013.
I'm cooler than u

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